Around The year 2003 Hap Cameron chose to devote his 20's to journeying, developing a personalized objective to live on and be employed in each and every continent prior to turning 30. 8 years in the future there's one particular segment to his quest remaining, The African continent.

Bikes for Africa may be the most engaging, enlightening and emotional story following the life journeys of Hap and his awesome girlfriend Mandy, their journey through Hap's 7th continent on 2 rims, as well as their attempt to assist and put into action a self-sustainable bicycle work shop in outlying Namibia using a large load of second hand contributed bikes coming from Melbourne.

This feature documentary film accomplishes an investigation into the way a bicycle can essentially alter the existence of countryside Africans, and gives emphasis to the truly amazing works of 2 wheeled non profit organization Bicycles for Africa as well as the Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia.

Bikes for Africa was co-directed by Hap Cameron as well as independent New Zealand film maker Richard Sidey featuring native Australasian songs from Hazel Boot, Heddy Fraze & Samuel de Silentio.




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